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When purchasing plastic glasses, there are several sites that we recommend. These include:

  1. Ebay - Australia’s biggest online marketplace
  2. Ikea - one of the biggest countries in the world for a reason
  3. Small independent retailers – they usually have the best after sales service

The Cost Factor of Plastic Wine Glasses is a Huge Advantage

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Few things can be more frustrating at a party than watching an expensive crystal wine glass smash to the ground. Unbreakable wine glasses are the answer to this problem. Polycarbonate wine glasses or plastic wine glasses as they are commonly called are inexpensive and with the technology of today have the same look and feel as glass.

Plastic Champagne Glass

Plastic Champagne Flute

Polycarbonate wine glasses have an advantage over glass because they have a much higher refractive index which means that they are more flexible and the tendency to break will be less.

The cost factor of plastic wine glasses is also an advantage. Depending on the quality desired a consumer may find unbreakable wine glasses as low as five dollars for a set of twenty! In comparison decent glass wine glasses may run ten or more dollars for a set of four and lead crystal glasses may run in the thousands for a set of four.

Quality polycarbonate wine glasses are especially a wise choice at a pool party. Even if one is dropped it should not break and cause cuts on the bare foot of a guest. If one should happen to fall into the pool it will be easily retrieved and there will be no glass shards to be concerned with.

At picnics or outdoor gatherings plastic wine glasses are an asset as if one is accidentally loss or left behind after the affair it may be replaced with little expense.

Even at formal settings the quality of unbreakable wine glasses are welcome. It may be fun to rub your finger around the rim of a crystal glass but that is about the only thing you can not accomplish with modern polycarbonate wind glasses.



Plastic Wine Glasses – A Better Alternative

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Plastic Wine Glasses – A Better Alternative

Plastic wine glasses can serve many useful purposes and for many different reasons. Consider this… You’re having a large gathering, a party, and you need an excessive amount of wine glasses. If you were feeling bold you may bring out your nice glassware, but you don’t even have enough of them to cover the number of guests arriving and you don’t want to suffer any loss of your nicer set. Providing a cheaper alternative is the next best answer. Unbreakable wine glasses come in different materials, each providing a means to an end. Polycarbonate wine glasses are a bit more expensive than plastic wine glasses, but they offer more realism in terms of look and feel. Plastic glasses are the cheapest solution and offer the same protection for your nicer glassware, but with a bit less class than polycarbonate wine glasses.

Plastic wine glasses come in handy other times as well. If you’re boating, picnicking, in the pool, or even just not ready to spend a lot of money on a nicer set, you can use some cheaper, unbreakable wine glasses. For more unstable situations, such as boating, polycarbonate wine glasses will be better served if you slip and fall or find yourself trying to catch balance due to a rogue wave. Plastic wine glasses work great in the pool or tub.

No matter which set of unbreakable wine glasses you go with, you will ultimately be saving money due to breakage, lost a glasses, or any number of problems that can transpire in times of slightly more-than-usual wine consumption!

Various occasions call for celebration – celebrate with wine glasses!

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Various occasions call for celebration. Birthday parties, wedding ceremony, anniversaries or simply a celebration of life itself. Wine is a special drink that is commonly used in these occasions to climax the joy and happiness that follows. With so much commotion and festivity happening, one needs nice glasses that can withstand the tension. This calls for unbreakable wine glasses.

Plastic Wine Glass Set

Plastic Wine Glass Set

Plastic wine glasses are very convenient; unbreakable hence reduces chances of any accidents and saves a lot of time that would have otherwise been used to run other errands. Most glasses crack and shatter at the rim making them very uncomfortable to drink with. That’s not the case with plastic glasses made of polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate wine glasses are easy to clean even in a dishwasher and they do not scratch. You can be comfortable serving your guests with these glasses as they don’t shatter the brim.

These wine glasses are very environmentally friendly. They can be recycled and since they are long lasting you don’t have to keep replacing them often. Caring for these glasses is easy as you only need to wash them in warm soapy water and towel dry them. Unbreakable wine glasses are quite affordable and available in various designs an added advantage is that they can be custom made to suit your taste and budget.

Unbreakable wine glasses are fundamentally good for all occasions. Whether big or small, domestic use at home or dinner functions, safety to clients becomes the ultimate centre of concern. They have limited disadvantages as many claim that they fade with time. However the advantages overweigh the disadvantages making them more popular today.

Host occasions these season with plastic wine glasses as they are convenient, quite affordable and easily available. They don’t chip or break like ordinary wine glasses and thus safe to serve wine with in many entertainment precincts. You can even chill wine in these glasses as they don’t crack under extreme conditions. What’s more there’s no visible difference between these plastic wine glasses and traditional glasses. Try out these glasses today and discover the goodness in store just for you.

The Top 3 Gifts This Summer

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Summer is almost upon us (some would argue it already here with temperatures tipping 30 degrees in some parts of Australia). As such, Christmas is just around the corner. Stuck for gift ideas? This guide will give you everything you need to know to please your friends and family this festive season. So here it is; the top 3 gifts this summer:

1. Unbreakable wine glasses – Plastic glasses are ideal for summer parties by the pool. Constructed from polycarbonate, these glasses are a fair safer alternative to real glass. Unbreakable wine glasses won’t break, so you can party without worry. They’d also make a great gift for someone with a boat, caravan or holiday house.

2. Ice cream makers – Ice cream makers are immensely popular in summer. They’re amazingly easy to use, don’t cost an arm and a leg, and you know exactly what ingredients are going in to your desserts. No more nasty additives; you just add what you like, flip the switch and wait 20 or so minutes for delicious, home-made ice cream.

3. Costume jewellery – Costume jewellery is perfect for women of all ages. With most costing around the $10 mark, if you grab a few pieces you know you’re going to hit the right notes with that special someone in your life. Costume jewellery is perfect for all occasions; be it formal, casual or something in between.

So there you have it – our top 3 gift ideas this summer. Purchase unbreakable wine glasses, an ice cream maker of a few pieces of jewellery and you can’t go wrong!

Summer is Arriving – Ideal for Unbreakable Wine Glasses

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That’s right, Summer is on it’s way. And what better way to enjoy the warmer months than by inviting a few friends around and having a BBQ in your backyard?

Every good BBQ needs a few core items. First of all, you’ll need a well stocked BBQ set. Comprising the basics like tongs, a scraper and a BBQ cleaning brush, these are a must for both food preparation and the clean-up afterwards.

Second (and most important some would argue), are the drinking options. For the guys you’ll need a variety of beer, and for the ladies you’ll need a few popular wines and champagnes. The best way to enjoy these beverages in Summer is from plastic glasses. Plastic glasses ensure your guests enjoy your event in a safe and responsible manner. Plastic glasses made from polycarbonate are unbreakable, shatter-proof, and above all; affordable. Unbreakable wine glasses, for instance, only cost around $5 a glass and are a much cheaper and safer alternative to the real thing. Plastic beer glasses cost around the same mark, too.

Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Unbreakable wine glasses don’t have to be dour, bulky items. The latest range of polycarbonate drinkware is both stylish and practical. It’s time for a switch to unbreakable glasses.

Add a Little Flair to Your Bar

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Bar with Bar Glasses

Bar with Bar Glasses

Bar owners, both home and professional, have long been outfitting their bars with traditional wine glasses. The future, however, is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate wine glasses offer a wealth of advantages over regular wine glasses. These are explained below:

Regular wine glasses are very brittle and prone to break. Wine glasses made from polycarbonate, however, are unbreakable. Unbreakable wine glasses are better for your bottom dollar as they won’t have to be replaced nearly as often. In fact, they only have to be replaced once a year, and this is only due to slight scratching and general wear and tear on the surface. Compare this to normal glass, and the difference will soon add up.

Unbreakable wine glasses are also safer for your guests or patrons. If you have been paying particular attention to the media lately, you will have noticed that there has been a large increase in the number of glassing attacks in nightspots around the country. These random acts of violence can be greatly reduced by using wine and other glasses that don’t shatter upon impact. Bars and clubs that have implemented polycarbonate unbreakable glasses in to their bars have noticed a huge decrease in the number of serious assaults. Unbreakable wine glasses really are that good.

Unbreakable Wine Glasses That Won’t Break the Bank

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Unbreakable plastic glasses are now a lot like their glass counterparts. Long gone are the mediocre drinking vessels. They are now easier to clean, safer for the environment and look a lot more classy on the dining table. Drinking wine from a plastic glass is now socially acceptable. Unbreakable plastic glasses were long thought to be only suitable for the picnic set. Inexpensive, nasty and prone to breakage, these glasses were often shipped from China at extremely cheap prices. Therefore, many wine lovers found themselves using a substandard item and would soon find better alternatives. After all, if you could enjoy your favourite Merlot or Chardonnay from an actual wine glass, why would you consume it from a thin plastic glass that would likely shatter?

Polycarbonate is strong. Very strong. This makes it ideal in the construction of plastic wine glasses and other beverage ware and barware. Whereas conventional wine glasses are easily broken by clumsy guests, polycarbonate wine glasses can withstand extreme force. This makes them a viable long term solution if you regularly entertain, or even if you enjoy a glass of wine by yourself. A subject common in today’s media is the increased number of people involved in glassing attacks. Because unbreakable plastic glasses are less susceptible to shattering, this makes them ideal for pubs, clubs and other entertainment venues. Not only that, but they are ideal for entertaining people at home where accidents are likely to occur.

Wine glasses, along with beer and champagne glasses, are the most common types of polycarbonate drink ware. However, other bar glasses can be purchased in polycarbonate. These include cocktail glasses, shot glasses and tumblers. Not only is this becoming increasingly popular amongst circles of friends who enjoy the odd glass of red or white wine every now and then, but amongst professional bar owners as well. Unbreakable plastic glasses – go on, drink up. They’re here to stay.